Thursday, November 24, 2022

SACRED OATH drops video featuring Mercenary Records NYC reunion concert


SACRED OATH drops video featuring Mercenary Records NYC reunion concert

New York-based metal photographer/videographer Ignacio Orellana has posted a video of Sacred Oath performing their 80’s power metal anthem “Two Powers” filmed at the Brooklyn nightclub Sovereign back on August 27th.  The band is currently performing sets of their entire 1987 debut “A Crystal Vision” as part of their 35th Anniversary concert tour.  

The video can be viewed here:


Sacred Oath joined a reunion of three Mercenary Records bands from the late 80s including Attacker and Meanstreak for the “one night only” event hosted by Armageddon Productions.  It was the first performance in more than 30 years for the all-female thrash outfit Meanstreak (currently on tour with John Petrucci) and the first time ever that all three bands shared the stage.  The night took a tragic turn when Meanstreak singer Bettina Campagna France took a fall backstage and was unable to perform, much to the disappointment of fans who had traveled from out-of-state to witness the reunion.


“It was a crazy situation,” said Sacred Oath singer Rob Thorne.  “The promoter was waving his arms at me from the side of the stage before the last song on our set list, and I was thinking ‘are you kidding me? You’re going to make us cut the last song when we’ve promised the whole album?’ But he was asking me to keep playing until we ran out of gas because Tina had just been rushed to the ER with a broken arm, so I just kept calling out songs and we worked our way through half of the “Darkness Visible” album as well.  The rest of the band had no idea what was going on and they thought for sure a long hook was gonna come out and yank me.”


The band hired Ignacio Orellana of ProMusicVideo to shoot their set with four cameras, but ultimately scrapped the footage because of sub-standard sound and lighting at the venue.