Saturday, December 24, 2022

QUEMASANTOS release new video

QUEMASANTOS release new video

NY based band Quemasantos have released its second music video promoting its latest album. This is the music video for the title track of the debut album of the band Quemasantos, released early this year via Digmetalworld and now distributed worldwide via MVD Distribution.

Watch the video here:

Singer Rob Diaz commented:
'An intimate and dark piece that subtly appeals to ancestral horrors'.

Drummer Ignacio Orellana have commented:
'We wanted to say goodbye to this year with a small video for our acoustic track which is a departure from our hard hitting sound. Here we wanted to explore the classic acoustic instrumental sound of the guitar of those thrash metal tracks of the 80's and have it accompanied with images of a rainy night  in the city. We felt that as a band we were influenced by them sounds and we just wanted to make sure we have something to remember those marvelous years of thrash metal.'

Guitarist Regisson 'Reggie' Silva commented:
'Sometimes we all have some kind of deep and dark feelings inside. Those moments you can't find any sense, you lose your hope, your dreams. We all have this and from time to time it comes out again.
It was in one of these moments I decided to put it out in a song. Some deep and sad arpeggios in a minor chord came up and could translate a little bit of what i was feeling. If you can't put your bad feelings in a bunch of chords, you should at least to take a listen to this and try to spit out all this shit, or it will poisoning you from inside out.'

The video was produced by Promusicvideo, and contains images of Regisson Silva performing the track along with Sr. Diaz and Ignacio Orellana around the city.
The album was produced by Ignacio Orellana at Oily Sound Studios NYC. Quemasantos is a band that produces thrash metal music in Spanish and it members work out of Brazil, Chile and New York City respectively. 

Quemasantos is:
Regisson Silva - Guitars
Rob Diaz - Vocals
Ignacio Orellana - Drums/Bass

Guest musicians:
Marcelo Da Venezia - Bass
Bill Smith - Guitars
Ron Buckner - Bass

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Monday, December 12, 2022

Female Bassist ASHLEY WELLS uploads solo video


Female Bassist ASHLEY WELLS uploads solo video

Long Island, NY female bassist, Ashley Wells uploads video that was recorded at Pier 76 in Manhattan, NY as a part of her new online EPK, right after she finished touring with the NY band Sunlord when supporting the metal titans Destruction and label mates Nervosa and on their latest North American tour 'Diabolical North American Tour 2022'. 

Watch the video here:

Ashley Wells have commented:
'I had a mini goal after touring the whole country this year to create an EPK page. This way, I can have everything all together and ultimately provide a quick link with access to everything music related of myself.

Thanks to Ignacio Orellana and MetalisVital for making the start of this whole process super easy, fun, quick and creative. Also, many thanks for collaboraiting with me by laying down the drums, giving me the opportunity to write the bass line and record myself. By mixing, mastering, doing the photography and videography you are truly a multi talented package and I highly recommend checking out his services. 👍'

The video was produced by Promusicvideo and MetalIsvital. The track was performed by Ashley Wells along with Pirosaint's drummer Ignacio Orellana who also produced the new and unreleased track, at Oily Sounds Studios, NYC.

Bassist Ashley Wells

More information about Ashley Wells here below: